Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Perfect Valentine's Day T-Shirts from Artist Marguerita Bornstein

This valentine's day surprise your loved ones with one of our playfully illustrated Marguerita Bornstein t-shirts made for us by the artist in Brooklyn and available at select Selima Optique locations.

Exclusive to Selima Optique, these whimsical tops are certain to bring a smile to their face well after Feb 14th with their vibrant imagery and fanciful cast of characters including teddy bears, porcupines, ladybugs, and more.

Bornstein took a moment to share her inspirations and work methods with us: In her words...

"I love and am fascinated by animals, insects, plants and nature in general including body parts, eyes, teeth, lips, ears, hair etc...

So, I keep observing, water, air and zap(!), when it comes to me, I wake up in he middle of the night, or wherever I am and try to capture that vision or sensation. So it becomes a drawing, a mixed media, a sculpture, a piece of jewelry- which I will carve into wax and cast in whatever metal and then find the stones or glass to combine.

Art wear always inspires me too, as for even the most savage humans, primitive or sophisticated & elegant, we wrap ourselves to comfort & protect. It becomes our second skin, our other embodiment. For this reason, besides having my artwork on walls, I enjoy seeing my art moving and incorporated into the look of another being.
I then create evocative window installations to compliment my work when I find an affinity with what they belong to or are connected to. I have done windows for Cartier, Mario Valentino,Versace, Alain Mikli and recently in 2010 & 2011 for Selima Optique's Bond st. location, which I am very fond of.

I have recently been working on developing a line of t-shirts emblazoned with 'DOYOULOVEME?' which features a ladybug and who she chooses to tease or pose the question with.
So I started with a porcupine and a ladybug. And around that theme I then created the drawings and then a three dimensional version. I admit, I love the interaction and public feedback.

Then, I always keep in mind that the image I am projecting will be of amusement for every passerby as well  as serve the store with a mutual interplay."
The shirts are available for special order worldwide -contact us for more info.

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