Friday, December 30, 2011

Selima Optique on Vogue Italia Online

Italian Vogue featured Selima Optique as one New York institution that should not be missed along with some other great shops around the city, check them all out!

Above- A pic of our Soho holiday windows created by artist & S.O crew member Amanda Browder, so cute no?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Slices of Inspiration: 70's Christian Dior Eyewear Ad

Late photographer Chris von Wangenheim's 70's era eyewear ad for Christian Dior is a perfect example of his signature use of dark sensuality and voyeurism juxtaposed with stark elegance to create something startlingly unique and serves as a mesmerizing source of inspiration for us to this day.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Artist Gustabo Rodriguez for Selima Optique

After sharing an image of his illustrated work with the Bond 07 by Selima crew, artist Gustabo Rodriguez set about creating a series of works featuring Selima Optique eyewear for our shops beginning with a poster for Fashion's Night Out this past fall. The illustrations he created for us were inspired during a stay in Miami which conjured up visions reminiscent of 1940's Beverly Hill's hotel bungalows. And while his work instantly brings to mind associations with updated takes on the iconic work of Juan Antonio Lopez, it also stands on its own with its vivid color-ways and digital mastery.

Working with watercolor, acrylics, pencils, pens and photoshop, Rodriguez most often finds muses for his work through his own expansive imagination.

Hopefully in the next year we'll get a chance to work with this talented artist once again, until then, we hope you enjoy these lush images he created for us.

At just $225, his large scale prints decadently portray women in Selima Optique frames and make a great addition to any room. Avilable in-store at Bond 07 and by special order.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lost at Sea: A Customer finds his Glasses in the Sea Three Years Later

The crew at Selima Optique Soho had a customer share a remarkable story with them about a pair of frames he bought from them three years ago that he subsequently lost in the Baltic Sea shortly after. On a recent trip back scuba diving in the Baltic, one of his friends actually happened to find that same pair waiting for him several years later! 

Talk about full circle- Life is so beautiful!

Above, an aerial view of the Baltic as seen from space

Miami Dispatch & Selima Optique Sighting's at Art Basel

Earlier this month Selima Optique's Soho team member & artist Amanda Browder made it down to Miami to take part in Art Basel and came back with a few snaps for us to share with you including a few featuring patrons in frames from yours truly.

For the festivities Browder and art forum Bad at Sports were sponsored by art residency Ox-bow to record interviews in a temporary structure(above) as well as transmit a pirate radio station on 88.5 FM in Miami.
Browder(left) with artist Coco Fusco wearing a pair of purple Selima Optique Axel frames.

Browder and New Orleans based artist Mariana Smith- the daughter of artist Ray Smith, who our Ray frames were inspired by.

Bottom, buttons Browder made for the "Amanda Browder Show" section of the podcast featuring "eyes after they have seen too many art fairs!"

Vintage Eye: 80's Silhouette Sunglasses

Our latest vintage frames of the week from our endless archive feature an exaggerated shape in a unique purple hue from Silhouette. Imagine the conversations these jaw-dropping frames are destined to bring about as all eyes will be on you...

Don't forget that all of our stores have a curated vintage selection on hand for you to peruse!

80's Silhouette Sunglasses, available at our Bond St. location and by special order worldwide.
Contact us for more info.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Gift of Sight, The Best Holiday Gift You Can Give...

Looking for that perfect, practical holiday gift that'll last a lifetime? Or something that'll help boost your loved one's New Year? Why not help them update their frames? Our stores are open til mid afternoon tomorrow, Christmas Eve, and if choosing the right pair seems too tremendous, consider gifting them with a gift card- nothing impersonal about that.
Don't forget that all of our stores sell more than just glasses. From eyewear to accessories to gifts of all kinds- we've got you covered! 
And in case you want to avoid the mad crowds, you can always shop online at

Selima Optique Chad Frames- "Sunglasses of the Year"

After another great year, we are thankful to see everything come full circle as has named our Chad frames as their "Sunglasses of the Year!"

Thanks to a certain dashing(and talented) young actor going against his wardrobe stylist's desires and donning his own personal frames from yours truly in two of his films this year, they've gotten ample amount of screen time.

Discover them for yourself today!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Rasa Swank by Donna D'Cruz Available at Selima Optique

Just in time for the holidays comes the ultimate mix album from performer and renowned d.j Donna D'Cruz  now available at all Selima Optique New York locations for a limited time. Featuring a heady mix of unique & eclectic gems curated by D'Cruz, Rasa Swank is certain to boost your spirit well into the new year.

Donna D'Cruz on Rasa Swank:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Slices of Inspiration: Chay Lazaro's Ode to 'Pretty in Pink'

Graphic artist Chay Lazaro's series of blockbuster Hollywood film posters re-imagined caught our eye when we spotted his take on John Hughes classic film 'Pretty in Pink' featuring two timeless frames floating against a mellow pink background.

While we understand his intention was geared towards the film itself, there's something to be said about the simplistic harmony and cool allure that his artwork lends to any associations previously held regarding the film. And for an eyewear firm like us, there's plenty to be inspired from with his subtle ode to a masterpiece.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Toys For Tots Charity Drive at Selima Optique Soho

Take part in our Toys For Tots toy drive benefiting homeless children in NYC for the holidays at our Soho location by dropping off gifts for children in need! And if you can't make it in, visit their website at to help those in need this holiday season. 
Above, an image from Life Magazine circa 1945.

Reconvilier Timepieces are now at Selima Optique Soho

In addition to our Madison Ave locale, our Soho outpost is now carrying Reconvilier watches til mid-Jan as an exclusive stockist in the U.S with 10% of the proceeds from this limited pop-up shop benefiting Action Against Hunger / ACF.

Stop by and discover Reconvilier, known for blending innovative thinking with the tradition of fine Swiss watch-making since 1905. Reconvilier artfully combines strength & functionality with classic design & understated elegance.

Available at:

Selima Optique Madison Avenue- 899 Madison Ave. Nyc 10021

Selima Optique Soho- 59 Wooster St. Nyc 10012

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vintage Eye: 70's Christian Dior Gold Aviator Sunglasses

From our vintage frame archive come these elegant gold 70's era Christian Dior aviator sunglasses that are sure to add a decadent disco-minded note to just about any look year-round.

70's Christian Dior Sunglasses, available at our Bond St. location and by special order worldwide.
Contact us for more info.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Two Must-Read Blogs perfect for any Eyewear Devotee

While our blog serves more as a journal for all things Selima Optique and whatever is on our minds, we've come across two fantastic blogs dedicated to the world of eyewear that are must-reads for any serious eyewear devotee.

Founded earlier this year by Barbara Canales(above) and Jasmin Yaya, is dedicated to the world of eyewear. Utilizing their expierience in the eyewear industry (Yaya is an optometrist and has been in the eyewear business since 2006 and Canales is currently a marketing student, and has been in the eyewear business since 2008), they both share an interest for high quality glasses with unique style. They met each other while working at at B├ągar & Glas, an optician in Stockholm, where they both currently work. 

Visit to find inspiration, news & anecdotes on all things eyewear...

Founded in 2008 by Jo(above), a resident of Wellington, New Zealand, Eye Heart Glasses came about from Jo's practical obsession with frames of all types and features a trove of fun facts, news and updates.

Visit today!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Selima Optique is now stocked in New Orleans

We are proud to announce the opening of our first stockist in The Big Easy- New Orleans' Art & Eyes! It happens to be our first retailer in the south and we are excited to be a part of the historic Magazine st. community. If you are a resident of the city or happen to be in town visiting, be sure to pay them a visit!

 Visit Art & Eyes New Orleans at 3708 Magazaine st.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Lady Gaga Wears Selima Optique in her 'Marry the Night' Video

For her latest video 'Marry the Night,' Lady Gaga paired our Onassis frames with a graphic ivory jacket from the Moschino archives to compliment another stand-out, statement making look from the star.

You can catch our sunglasses towards the end-enjoy!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Slices of Inspiration: Late 90's Chloe Sunglasses

This week's inspirational Chloe frames may not be as vintage as the others we have highlighted over the past few posts, yet there's no denying their forever-cool appeal as they could be considered a harbinger for fashion's 80's infatuation we saw throughout the last decade. And while they remain a permanent fixture in Selima's vast archive of vintage frames, there's also something to be said about the sense of delirious provocation one feels at first glance of this late 90's advertisement featuring them.

As you can see, their ski-inspired shield shape is offset by a defining asymmetrical front, making them all the more distinctive.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Our Anouk Sunglasses in Marie Claire

Marie Claire featured our Anouk frames as their favorite pair of sunglasses in an ode to channeling the elegant street style of model/actress Rosie Huntington-Whitley. Discover our Anouk frames today to cut a chic swath yourself while combating the sun and streets.

Selima Optique on The Huffington Post: Present Perfect

We felt honored this afternoon as The Huffington Post recommended all four of our Nyc shops as the best spots for holiday shopping this season amongst 20 other renowned New York retailers including Jeffrey, John Derian, Fred Leighton, Moss, Scully & Scully & more!

Read the full article here to check-out their other suggestions. Above, our Madison Ave. outpost at 899 Madison Avenue.