Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Slices of Inspiration: Peggy Guggenheim's Bold Optical Choices

Although she contributed much more to the world of art than she did sartorially, there's something quite evocative of the shield art patron Peggy Guggenheim used her signature bold sunglasses for.

Not one who considered herself a great beauty, Guggenheim made a statement with daring, oversized spectacles that had an overtly surreal quality to them while shedding a new light on the allure of unexpected eyewear.

Designed by American artist Edward Melcarth expressly for Guggenheim, her sunglasses capitalized on her place in the art world by making her appear larger than life while giving her a sense of security and a stylish punctuation point.

And while our own range of frames tend to veer on the more subtle & classical(but yes, we do love bright colors too!), there's inspiration to be found here on the power and accessibility of finding the right frame for you that elicits exactly the kind of statement you are going for.

Check out this series of biographical videos on Peggy Guggenheim, one of modern art's most important and thoroughly fascinating figures below.

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