Thursday, May 24, 2012

On the Road: Selima in Korea & Japan Part 1

Selima is in Asia as our stockists and friends at Tokyo's Globe Specs are hosting a Selima Optique trunkshow this weekend and sent us these snapshots from her travels on the road...

Models (above) at the 2012 S/S Fashion Show held in the Galleria Timeworld show off sunglasses from Selima Optique in Korea.

While in Japan, Selima's hotel swimming pool has offered her a new meditative morning ritual.

Here, a reunion at Bear Pond, a favorite espresso bar.

First stop in Tokyo as always; Bear Pond Espresso for the best coffee! Katsu (above) says 'no pictures allowed' except for Selima as they are working on the Barista Project -details to come!

As a complete yet fun surprise, Selima ran into some four-legged friends in Tokyo! Unfortunately they were not interested in the sunglasses she offered them and is now thinking of developing a line just for goats - an untapped market indeed!

Stay tuned -there's more to come!

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