Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Selima Salaun Interview, BFM Business France

Recently, Selima Salaun had the honor of meeting with BFM France's Sabrina Quagliozzi for an in-depth interview that touched on the company's roots, vision of Selima Optique, Selima's inspirations, goals & more. 

From the growing children's market, to the year's fascination with cat-eyes to our humble beginnings in Soho as the neighborhood's first & only optical shop, the segment takes in our company's rich 20 year(almost there!) history while contemplating the future.

Highlights included Quagliozzi's surprise at the fact that when celebrities wear our glasses, they are wearing them on their own account, not due to any form of courting along with the fact that she refers to Selima as the 'Queen of eyewear.' A compliment that couldn't make us any more proud of Selima!

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