Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Timeless Classics Get Shady With Selima Optique

If you’ve ever made it to our Wooster Street location and glimpsed at our walls you’ll notice that you’re in good company.  Decked in their favorite Selima Optique frames (literally), intimate portraits of historical faces line the store, keeping guard over hundreds of stand out, luxury lenses; from Napoleon Bonaparte to Mona Lisa and her Majesty the late Queen Victoria, each stands tall and proud in their iconic shades. 


Whilst we’re not the only fans of our optical collages, so is Bloomberg Business (BB!) Contributing to our list of stars that would look ever so perfect in Selima Optique, Bloomberg has picked figures to showcase a couple of our most classic and sought after shapes;  Robert Redford, oozing classic charm, sports the Frederic while John Travolta rattles our hearts with the Anthony, the ultimate in facial accessory. 

Can’t make it into the store? Head over to the e-store where both styles are available and ready for you to leave your own mark on history.  

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