Monday, May 23, 2011

Travel Diaries: Selima Heads Far East..Bear Pond, Tokyo, Japan

On a recent trip to Japan, Selima and her friend Kiyuki stopped by Bear Pond: a charming and sunny Espresso bar in the Kitazawa district of Tokyo. Bear Pond is owned and operated by Chisa, a dear friend of Selima's, and an important member of the Selima Optique team. The three spent their day sipping espresso and sharing stories, a great way to relax the day away!
The space is cute and casual, clean and white with rustic detailing and serves up an amazing assortment of specialty espresso beverages and should not be missed on your next trip to Tokyo. 

Kiyuki, Selima, Chisa and her pup Kuharu.

Chisa, New York misses you, but it looks like you are doing amazing in Japan;) 

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