Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Club Monaco Introduces Selima Salaun as their Vintage Classics Curator

"Club Monaco Introduces – Vintage Classics Curated by world renowned Collector Selima Salaun

Club Monaco is pleased to introduce our new vintage collection; hand selected from hidden boutiques in France by vintage curator Selima Salaun. The assortment features a beautiful array of one of a kind classics: hard to find silk scarves, keepsake jewelry, stand-out handbags, and a remarkable collection of vintage Persols, available for a limited time only in select stores.

Known for her keen eye for chic, eclectic eyewear, Selima Salaun, the owner and designer of Selima Optique, operates 8 boutiques across the globe. Each store contains over 100 styles of eyewear frames, from the traditional to the colorful."
-Club Monaco  

See the announcement in the News&Events section of the Club Monaco website.

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