Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Miami Dispatch & Selima Optique Sighting's at Art Basel

Earlier this month Selima Optique's Soho team member & artist Amanda Browder made it down to Miami to take part in Art Basel and came back with a few snaps for us to share with you including a few featuring patrons in frames from yours truly.

For the festivities Browder and art forum Bad at Sports were sponsored by art residency Ox-bow to record interviews in a temporary structure(above) as well as transmit a pirate radio station on 88.5 FM in Miami.
Browder(left) with artist Coco Fusco wearing a pair of purple Selima Optique Axel frames.

Browder and New Orleans based artist Mariana Smith- the daughter of artist Ray Smith, who our Ray frames were inspired by.

Bottom, buttons Browder made for the "Amanda Browder Show" section of the podcast featuring "eyes after they have seen too many art fairs!"

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