Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Artist Gustabo Rodriguez for Selima Optique

After sharing an image of his illustrated work with the Bond 07 by Selima crew, artist Gustabo Rodriguez set about creating a series of works featuring Selima Optique eyewear for our shops beginning with a poster for Fashion's Night Out this past fall. The illustrations he created for us were inspired during a stay in Miami which conjured up visions reminiscent of 1940's Beverly Hill's hotel bungalows. And while his work instantly brings to mind associations with updated takes on the iconic work of Juan Antonio Lopez, it also stands on its own with its vivid color-ways and digital mastery.

Working with watercolor, acrylics, pencils, pens and photoshop, Rodriguez most often finds muses for his work through his own expansive imagination.

Hopefully in the next year we'll get a chance to work with this talented artist once again, until then, we hope you enjoy these lush images he created for us.

At just $225, his large scale prints decadently portray women in Selima Optique frames and make a great addition to any room. Avilable in-store at Bond 07 and by special order.

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