Friday, June 29, 2012

Selima Optique at The Cools Jamboree

The Selima Optique team was honored to take part in The Cools debut Jamboree this past Wednesday and had a blast!

Amidst a sea of cool, creative downtown types from event curators to patrons, everyone on hand brought a positively vibrant energy to the evening! With a line around the block, many consider this event to be 'the event of the summer' and we couldn't have been more thrilled to take part in it. And in case you couldn't make it out or in, there's talk of another Jamboree slated for August -details to come!
The CFDA girls got the ball rolling on our 'Draw a Winning Frame Contest' with this adorable homage to Selima!

A photo board with various takes on the Selima Optique logo.

An interior shot of our installation directed by Tallulah Rotman just minutes before the party began.

The entrance to the event...

An open house of sorts, our room was full with a lively bunch throughout the evening.

Cucu Diamantes strikes a pose...

The evening drew all types of colorful downtown characters!

Our chalkboard contest had everybody trying their best to interpret a pair of frames!

Patrons competing for the prize!

Guests in Selima Optique Mike (left) and Nicolas frames(right)...

Guests outside in the courtyard -image via BFA.

This cool fellow drew one of our favorite pieces in our contest!

The crowd gathers around the stage for a series of electric performances from Bubbles & more -image via BFA. 

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